CS:GO Account (2004 - 18 Years old) with 10 Years Veteran Coin in CS:GO


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Sep 10, 2022
Fresh 18-Year-old accounts made back in 2004. They come with a 7-digit ID, a level of 6-11, multiple games, and the CSGO 10/5 Year Coins. You'll get full access to the number of accounts you purchase and it always includes the original mail.


  • 5 Years Veteran Coin
  • 10 Years Veteran Coin
  • 18 Years of service (Steam Badge)
  • Original E-Mail
What kind of information will you get:

  • Account login & password
  • E-Mail login & password

All accounts include 5 & 10 Years Veteran Coin, 18 Years of service (Steam Badge), and the original mail but...
There are 4 types of accounts:
Package 1 - Includes the "Highlights"
Package 2 - Includes the "Highlights" and 500 Commendations
Package 3 - Includes the "Highlights" and 10.000 Steam Points
Package 4 - Includes everything above.
Package 5 - Includes everything above + 1.000 in-game hours

Where do I purchase the accounts?
You can safely purchase the accounts through our site boosting-service.cloud or directly through my sellix.
If you are interested in paying with PayPal, Swish or other unsupported payment methods please dm me at draggex#0001 or open a ticket in our discord server.

How will I get the login?
For your safety and also for ours, the data will then be transmitted to you via Discord. Please join our discord and follow the instructions.

The accounts are sold to the best of our knowledge and belief. No cheats or other exploits have been used. We do not offer refunds after purchase.
If you experience any issues that we should know about or you think we could help you with, you're welcome to join our server and inform us about it.
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